Building a home after his own heart

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

The day has come and gone for years... everybody coming together to get something for mom, which usually included a bouquet, card and a little something extra. Nonchalantly, we enjoyed getting to go out for dinner and maybe tried to do something around the house that Mom was known for solely getting done. Yesterday was a different story! I appreciate so much the sacrifice my Mom made for me, even from the beginning! (this last month has been far from a piece of cake) I can only imagine there was many a day when she thought we had it in for her. Though we tried to make her life miserable at times, she wholeheartedly gave of herself and met our every need and more. She'll be the first to come out and say... "I've come along way! You should have seen me in the beginning!" Of course some mistakes were made by imperfect people, but I carry only good memories of my mom... in having a heart that wanted to please God in everything that she did and her love for God showed through when she took care of us. She always showed concern for every little thing that might have been bothering me. I am so blessed to have my Mom around especially now as I transition through this new stage of life. Though my physical needs have lessened and I can feed, dress, and take care of my own home... I have moved into, what I feel, is an even more important relationship with my mom! She has become my greatest counselor, emotionally and spiritually, and I feel that it is the most important role she has taken in my life yet. Words cannot express how much I appreciate you, Mom.

I smile as I think about the future.... I have never had more passion in my heart for anything like I have for being a wife and a mom someday. I pray that I can do both after God's own heart. I know that if I don't do it all for God's glory, it will seem trivial and un-fulfilling. I want a heart like Jesus, being the greatest among us, he gave up everything and sacrificed his whole self... physically, emotionally, spiritually to save us who did not deserve it. I pray that I can live by example and that my life could be at least a whisper of the life that Jesus lived. Knowing that motherhood will be anything but glamorous... if I can keep that passion for ultimately serving God with my life aflame in my heart, I have faith that he will get me through.

On a separate note, Jimmy has just been the man of my dreams over the past 2+ years. Though there were fears in getting married, I knew that this was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. He was a gift from God. Of course we've had our struggles, but I knew that when I found the man that I could go through hard things with and come out stronger in the end... he was the right one. He has such a kind heart and thoughtful spirit. Here is the beautiful display I received when I walked out of our room yesterday morning. Isn't he sweet?

I am blessed and so excited about getting closer to being a Mom with each passing day. God, give me the strength to serve like you... in marriage, in motherhood, in life.